Joint Investments

Our Joint Investments offer a mutually beneficial partnership and highly effective business investment strategy. Through careful planning they enable faster Property Portfolio growth, and can contribute to long-term future investment planning. They work particularly well for investors who may have Capital to invest but limits on their time, limits to access development funding, or limits as a solo investor.

The Joint Investment strategy spreads the risk for investors. By pooling resources, investors can access larger and substantially higher return investment projects. They work well for “High Net Worth” individuals or “Sophisticated Investors” who have previous investing experience.

Property Options Investments prides itself on offering a hassle-free “Armchair” Investment service .By precise planning of our property projects, we purchase and re-sell at exactly the right time, thus ensuring maximum profits for investment partners. We only work with trusted professional legal, design and building experts, ensuring all our projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards. Joint Investors can feel secure that Property Options Investments will offer a friendly, professional and financially rewarding service at all times.

Working in a transparent and open way, we encourage all investors to get to know us well first, by either attending our monthly Property Network Meetings (PIM) or investment events listed on our website. All investor partners are taken through a simple process of registration, assessment and compliance. We will then offer you a choice of investment opportunities and detail how the partnership will work.

We generally work on a 50/50% profit split with investors for all our “Buy to Sell” Renovation or New Build Development Projects, but this can vary. Property Options Investments will source, appraise and manage the property development or renovation, then market and re-sell on completion. Joint Investors simply provide the Capital for purchase and development, and we take care of the rest.

Projects are usually completed within 12-24 months, and may include two or more investors, depending on project size. Once re-sale of the projects are complete, Joint Investors will receive their capital back together with their profit share.*

*All investors are advised to seek independent legal advice before undertaking any investments*

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